Our Mission

Leaven Kids shares the love and compassion of Christ through acts of mercy, and provides help to our neighbors.

Our mission is to revitalize communities through early education intervention. We live out this mission through practical programs that transform and empower entire communities and the families that call them home.

Leaven Kids is defined as “a pervasive influence that modifies something or transforms it for the better.” We believe that when children are successful in school, and have a positive adult influence in their lives, they are significantly less likely to drop out, commit a crime, or join a gang.

Leaven Kids learning centers are situated in the apartment complexes where our students and their families live. We work to eliminate crime in neighborhoods by providing year-round tutoring and mentoring, as well as a safe place where parents know their children are protected and well cared for.

Our History

Since 2009, Leaven Kids has provided tutoring and mentoring to some of California’s most at-risk and under-served neighborhoods. Our first center opened in Fairfield, California and today we serve 525 children and youth each week.

We were established through a collaborative effort between the City of Fairfield, the school district, and Parkway Community Church. Since then, we have become an independent, tax-exempt, non-profit organization and have since expanded to 19 centers throughout California.

Our centers act primarily as after-school mentoring and tutoring centers. We have also built strong alliances throughout the communities where we operate. We continuously work in partnership with members of the local community including: businesses, law enforcement, fire departments, local government, teachers, and church groups, in order to inspire each community to address and resolve their challenges together.

By immersing ourselves within each neighborhood we serve, we have the unique opportunity to fully live out our Christian faith. With the help of dedicated volunteers, we help transform entire communities by being a consistent and dependable presence to children struggling to learn and succeed in school.

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