One in three children in America grow up without any positive adult influences in their lives.

We are determined to change that!

Early Education

We work to meet the educational needs of each child, assessing their strengths and weaknesses to create an individual enrichment plan that will improve their reading, writing, math, and study skills.

Crime Reduction

Students who are given a strong educational foundation, from truly caring adults, develop personal responsibility, self-motivation, and pride in their work ethic. In turn, they become successful in school and are significantly less likely to drop out, commit a crime, or join a gang.

Transformed Communities

When you help a child, you extend the influence of your impact to their entire family. These families develop a sense of unity and pride in their neighborhood, working together to change their entire community for the better.

Who We Are

Leaven Kids brings after-school mentoring and tutoring programs to low-income neighborhoods where high dropout rates and gangs threaten the community. Our practical and proven programs help revitalize and strengthen neighborhoods, improving lives and opportunity.

1 in 7 people in Solano County cannot read.

Your gift today will help change a child’s future.

Our Impact

When we are intentional about caring for the lives of children and families, we encourage parents and neighbors to be proactive in supporting their children and neighborhood. As community morale goes up, crime rates go down. Every day we see how our model works to motivate entire communities to overcome the vicious cycle of poverty and crime around them.

Today we serve over 500 children and youth each week. With your help, Leaven Kids continue to overcome major barriers and obstacles to their learning. Let’s keep this number growing!

After completing their first year with Leaven Kids:
of children have significantly improved their literary and math skills.
of children have significantly improved their literary and math skills.
of children exhibit higher levels of self-esteem.
of children exhibit higher levels of self-esteem.
of children exhibit new, healthy, productive patterns of behavior.
of children exhibit new, healthy, productive patterns of behavior.
Transformed Communities
21% increase

in tenant occupancy rates in rental complexes with Leaven centers. It's no secret that Leaven Kids works!

Up Arrow
Down Arrow
53% average

decrease in crime in neighborhoods with a Leaven center. Stat varies by center.

Get Involved

When you volunteer with Leaven Kids, you will impart valuable life skills to children struggling to succeed in school. Whether you help with homework, or an art project, you will make a measurable difference in young lives while giving back to your local community.
Sponsor a Child
Right now, children are struggling to learn and are going unnoticed. By giving $25 or more a month, you will provide students with tutoring, life skills classes, healthy snacks, field trips, and more!
Corporate Giving
Leaven Kids is thankful for the generosity of our corporate partners and supporting foundations. We would love an opportunity to discuss how your organization can join with us financially, in-kind, or by engaging your employees and leadership.
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