Working Together for a Stronger Community

Small businesses make a huge impact on a community. They are a vital life force of any neighborhood, and provide character, stability and jobs to any town. But thanks to a new opportunity at The Leaven, our local small businesses can make an even great difference in our communities.


Photo by Darin Reyes

If you follow us on Facebook you may have already seen one of our newest efforts to help communities rise. Our new1k@$1k initiative is especially designed for local small businesses who want to make a real difference locally.

This program is different from anything we’ve done before because it helps these individual small businesses bind together to make a big difference in their community through our Leaven programs.

These small business leaders in our communities are taking a pledge when they join our 1k@$1k program. Not only are they making a multi-year commitment to support The Leaven, but they are also partnering with us to encourage other local businesses and individuals to join us as we help make our neighborhoods better places for children to grow and learn.

As more and more businesses partner together, we’ll create an even stronger community, reminding all of our neighbors that this community cares for all of its citizens, and that even the most vulnerable among us will not be forgotten.

If you and your business would like to join our 1k@$1k initiative, you can contact us at for more information! You can also find out more about some of our 1k@$1k members by watching our Facebook page.

We hope you’ll join us in thanking and supporting these local businesses as they make a real difference in our community for Leaven. They are proof that together we are truly helping kids and communities rise.

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