Winds of Change

As Fall arrived this week, I found myself eagerly glancing at the thermostat, hoping temperatures were going to start dropping at any moment. I caught myself looking to the sky, hoping for an early rain, and I even went to the store and bought a few cans of soup, anticipating some early chilly afternoons.

1379299_10153336547390181_1623685021_nI love Fall and am always excited to see the change this season brings. I love the cooler temperatures, football on TV, and all the holidays that arrive in the latter half of the year. Unfortunately, Fall isn’t just a switch that suddenly turns on and brings with it cooler weather. It takes time for the winds to change and for the season to fully arrive.

Change always takes time, but if we are patient we can see this change begin to take hold.

At The Leaven, time has given us a chance to see the change that’s happening in our communities. We’ve been working in Fairfield for several years, and the changes we see here, and in other communities, blow us away.

Each school year we see improvements in our students’ academic performances, but that’s only the beginning. Over the years we’ve seen a trend: neighborhoods with Leaven programs are safer places to live. Crime is down, and community members are standing up to the gangs, telling them they aren’t welcome in these neighborhoods.

The Leaven doesn’t just change the life of an individual child for a few months or a few years. It helps change a child’s entire life and the lives of their family and neighbors too.

So as Fall slowly begins to change the world around us, take a moment to remember all the change that’s going on right here at our Leaven centers everyday because of supporters like you. Together we are helping kids and communities rise.

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