Weekly Update with Mark – The Foundation Beneath Us

It seems like only yesterday that The Leaven first opened its doors in Fairfield. That initial center began with little pomp or circumstance, and we weren’t even sure if this experiment was really going to work.

Since then we have seen hundreds of children pass through the doors of our learning centers. Many come to our after-school program so far behind in the classroom that they doubt they can ever catch up. They are embarrassed and scared. Their self-confidence is in tatters. But this is where our programs really shine, because we don’t just teach the love of learning, but we also truly love our students. We’ve watched again and again as these “troubled” kids have transformed into amazing youths, full of life and ready to learn.

68And these changes in the boys and girls of each neighborhood we serve have inspired change in those around them, starting with their parents and spreading to their entire community. Neighbors are standing up and saying “no more!” to gangs and criminal activity. Parents are getting help and support so they can provide a better environment for their entire family, even with little time or income.

At The Leaven, it’s our mission to share the love and compassion of Christ through acts of mercy and help to our neighbors. We live this out through practical programs that transform and empower entire communities and the families that call them home. We believe strongly in the importance of this mission and it is the cornerstone of everything we do.

But we know we cannot do it alone. Without the support of friends like you, who wholeheartedly believe in our mission as we do, we would never be able to sustain and grow our programs as we have, year after year.

We receive donations and gifts-in-kind from neighbors and supporters throughout the year. And we are so grateful for these gifts as they support our programs and help us keep our doors open – and make sure The Leaven is the very best program it can be.

Bottom line: we would not be able to grow and expand our mission to more communities if not for our most dedicated supporters. Friends like you.

You are the backbone of our organization, and it is you who go above and beyond to make this program possible. We know that many of you, our most faithful supporters, have dug deep over the years to support The Leaven’s mission, and we are truly thankful from the bottom of our hearts.

We could not have changed so many communities for the better. You have brought smiles to the faces of children.

Over the next year we have plans to open even more centers throughout California. We are grateful for your ongoing support to continue this success, because together we are helping kids and communities rise.

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