Weekly Update with Mark – Financial Transparency

At The Leaven, we are all about community! We see it as our duty to serve and nurture the communities we call home because we know that without the support of our communities, our Leaven centers could not be a success.

Photo by Darin Reyes

Photo by Darin Reyes

In order to maintain our good standing with you, the community, we view trust as our most valuable asset.

We know the importance of the trust you have placed in us, to not only use your donations wisely but also to serve and protect the children we are entrusted with.

It is through our passion for transparency that we can maintain the trust you have given to us.

First, we maintain an independent Board of Directors. These men and women live in the communities we serve. They are educators, business people, public safety officials and more. We seek their wisdom and guidance as we grow and run our Leaven programs so that we not only provide excellent care and service to our communities, but that we are also good stewards of the funding we are entrusted with.

As part of this policy of fiscal transparency, we commit to an annual audit and publish the 990 report we submit to the IRS. These steps ensure that we are honestly running our organization, and that you, our supporters, are able to see how we are investing the gifts you have entrusted us with. We also maintain a small reserve fund, to provide financial security and stability, and make sure our programs never suffer because of cash flow.

In fact, 75 cents of every dollar given to The Leaven goes directly to funding our programs. The remainder goes towards our administrative, management and fundraising costs. Also, we keep donations local, with gifts from Northern and Southern California funding their programs independently of each other. This ensures that when you give a gift to help local children, you can be confident it’s being used where you want it to be.

All of these steps are taken so that you, our supporters know that we are taking care of the money you have entrusted us with.

Next week I’ll be sharing how we make sure our programs provide the best educational opportunities possible to the children we serve, while also protecting their health and safety.

At The Leaven, we are helping kids and communities rise, but we know we couldn’t do it without your trust and support. Thank you for commitment to making your community a better place for kids to learn and grow.

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