Weekly Update with Mark – BIG Fun and Success!

Lillis, MarkThis summer has already been a huge success for all of us here at The Leaven, and what is coming next looks to be just as great! It has been such a blessing to see the joy in our Leaven kids’ eyes as they experience these new activities they may never have had the opportunity to enjoy without The Leaven.

We know it would not be possible to offer programs like Summer Success without the support of friends like you, so for my first weekly update, I wanted to personally tell you what you have provided for our Leaven kids.

Just this past week, some of our students went on a very special trip to Dawson Ranch to participate in horseback riding, horse grooming and swimming. This was the first time many of our students had had the opportunity to interact with horses, and was a great chance for them to learn about animal care and respect, as well as being a fun experience. We are so thankful to everyone that came out to help during this event, and to Vickie Dawson who helped coordinate the entire event.

We also visited Travis Credit Union to teach Leaven kids the importance of responsible money management and having a savings account. This field trip will work with our financial literacy workshops we are having at all of our programs, so that all Leaven kids will have the opportunity to learn this important life skill.

45Service men and women from Travis Air Force Base visited one center to talk about the importance of the military to keep our homes safe, and how Travis Air Force Base supports the military worldwide. They also brought along night vision goggles so the children could experience these important tools for our military.

And within the next few weeks, we have several more special opportunities  that are sure to delight and inspire our students. We’ll be taking some Leaven kids on a trip to UC Davis as part of our pathways to college program. This opportunity lets us show Leaven kids a college campus and talk about all of the opportunities that a college education can provide to them, as well as encourage them to work hard in school to accomplish their dreams.

These exciting opportunities inspire Leaven kids to continue to work hard for success in school, further connection to the community, and help them experience a memorable summer. We are so thankful to all of you who makes these special opportunities possible, and for helping kids and communities rise.

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