The Great Outdoors

Can’t wait – how about you?! Summer weather is here, with the official start of summer coming in just a few days. With the warm temperatures and the break from school, it’s a time when many of us will join our families outside to enjoy the outdoors.

Photo by Darin Reyes

Photo by Darin Reyes

During this time of year I love to take walks, visit the beach, grill outdoors and, if I get the chance, head out onto the water for some boating and cool sea breezes. Even though I live in Southern California and our weather allows for most of these things to be comfortably done year round, there’s something about summer that just makes me want to do these things all the more.

Summer is a special time at our Leaven programs too. During the summer, our Leaven kids are enjoying Summer success, our exciting summer programs that take full advantage of all the opportunities of this time of year. And one of our favorite Summer Success activities is going outdoors.

Many Leaven kids spend their days indoors and alone. Because their parents are busy working, they are left without adult supervision and therefore must stay home, unable to go outside and play.

So when they are at our programs, we try to spend lots of time outdoors, running, playing and exploring the natural world. We use these adventures outdoors to teach unique lessons about nature, leadership, teamwork and friendship. Not only that, but we encourage healthy living through exercise and play.

We even go on a variety of outdoor field trips, all to encourage our students’ curiosities about the outside world. It’s a time when Leaven kids can have fun and explore, learning through experience and observation.

There’s so much to explore in the world, and by showing our students more of what there is to see, we encourage them to grow and reach for success. Through these outdoor adventures, we help to make each summer memorable, and inspire our Leaven kids to keep working towards lifelong success.

And that’s all part of helping kids & communities rise!

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