The Final 3

The last 3 months of the year are always my favorite. Filled with lots of holidays, fun and cooler weather, this time of year always energizes and excites me. My husband often reminds me around this time that I’m an adult, not the little kid I sometimes pretend to be.

09While I don’t really celebrate Halloween, I always enjoy seeing pictures of my nieces and nephews dressed up as their favorite animals and characters from whatever book or TV show they are into. And Thanksgiving and Christmas are both exciting for me because it’s when I get to stretch my cooking muscles and make excessively large feasts for my family. It’s the only time of year when I will wake up early on a day off just to start prepping a meal.

Holidays bring an excitement to our lives – whether we go all out in our celebrations or just spend a quiet day with our families.  And that’s why I get so excited when I turn the calendar to October.

But for many of our Leaven families, the holidays are tough. These hardworking families often cannot afford a Christmas turkey or presents. Many parents are also working on Thanksgiving and Christmas, just trying to pay the bills. While other families enjoy a fun filled day together, many Leaven kids spend the day alone.

But thanks to friends like you, each year The Leaven is able to provide a little extra cheer to these families. At many of our centers, we have holiday parties and gifts for the children. And at each center, we have lots of fun holiday activities including art projects, games, crafts and snacks that help bring the holiday cheer.

And every Leaven kid and family receives a priceless gift every year: Hope.

Each year our students show improvements in their reading levels, academic performance, and their neighborhoods become safer places to live. This is because of the efforts of everyone in our Leaven community. These changes help make brighter futures for children, and bring hope and cheer to their parents who know their children have a chance at a better future than they could have provided on their own.

We could not do it without you! So as the weather cools down, and the holidays grow nearer, we hope you’ll remember our Leaven kids in your thoughts and prayers as we enjoy a year-end full of hope. Together we are helping kids and communities rise.

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