Technical Difficulties

A few weeks ago my computer started having problems. I consider myself fairly computer literate, so I went online and attempted to diagnose the problem, running a variety of tests to see if I could diagnose and treat the problem.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 presetSeveral hours later, after trying everything I could think of, I admitted defeat and took my computer to my trusty computer repair shop. A week later they finally came up with a diagnosis: my motherboard was wearing out.

Your computer’s motherboard is a bit like air traffic control at the airport. It works with every other system in your computer, making sure everything cooperates to get the job done. It’s vital for everything you do on your computer.

It’s a bit like early education. Without it, the rest of a child’s life is bound to have more than a few glitches, and may even crash completely.  Without that solid foundation built in elementary school, all the wonderful components you want to add — high school, college and more — just won’t work right.

That’s why the tutoring children receive at The Leaven is so important. We diagnose and fix the problem early on, helping kids not only catch up on their basic reading and math skills, but get ahead and stay ahead. This allows them to “install components” later in life that lead to better performance and success.

It all starts with the basics, whether it’s your computer or a child’s life, and that’s why we are so thankful for friends like you. Together we are helping kids and communities rise.

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