Teaming Up to Clean Up

IMG_61501This past weekend, The Leaven teamed up with Neighborhood Empowerment for a very special Clean-Up Day event at the Grande Circle Community. Neighborhood Empowerment organized this fun day of service, and through The Leaven Gives Back, twelve of our students were able to give back to their community and help clean up their neighborhood.

The event included about two hours of trash clean-up and was followed by a community barbeque. In attendances were members of the Police and Fire Department, and of course, The Leaven! This day was not just work for our Leaven kids — it was exciting, too, as they got to have their pictures taken on a fire truck and spend time with some of our dedicated public safety officers, building a bond of trust and friendship with the people tasked with keeping our community safe.

I spoke with our Grande Circle Site Director, Carlos Ramos, about this great event and why events like this are important to our communities. “Most of these communities feel like they are isolated and there is no one there to help them,” he told me. IMG_6157”This is a great way for us to collaborate to empower and build up the community.”

Not only do events like this strengthen neighborhoods, but they also are a great opportunity for Leaven kids to learn about the importance of giving back. It’s also a unique opportunity for our students to learn new things about their own skills and talents. Carlos recalls one student in particular who was able to show off his natural leadership skills, helping the other students organize their clean-up efforts so they could make the biggest impact possible.

This event also helped remind all of our students about the power of teamwork, and showed them how much they can accomplish when they work together. “They made memories together….and they gained a sense of ownership over what they do,” according to Carlos. “It gives them the confidence that they can do it, not only by themselves but also with their peers, working as a team.”

We’re so grateful to Neighborhood Empowerment for inviting us to join with them on this special Clean-Up event, and so proud of all of our Leaven students who gave back to their community last weekend. Thanks to friends like you and Leaven Gives Back, not only are we helping communities rise, but we’re also teaching kids that they can be a part of it.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for even more pictures of the event!


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