Summer of Success

It’s summer time at The Leaven, which means it’s time for Summer Success! Our unique summer programs were created to help our students maintain and improve their reading comprehension during the summer months spent away from the classroom. It’s been shown that students can lose as much as two months worth of reading ability over the summer holiday, causing them to fall even further behind their classmates.

65To combat this Summer Slide, our Summer Success program includes daily reading and exercises in reading, writing and math. This helps Leaven kids not only maintain all the progress they’ve made the previous school year, but even gain a bit of ground so they have an even stronger start in the coming fall.

But it’s not just reading. Summer Success offers us unique opportunities to help our Leaven kids grow and learn in new ways. We have more volunteers and guests during the summer, all of whom bring with them varied and valuable experience that they then share with our students.

We also go on many fun-filled field trips to learn about important life skills in a different and exciting way. Recently some of our students experienced a kid-friendly legal seminar and visited the Courthouse.  They’ll also be visiting UC Davis to learn about attending college – and to inspire them to strive for higher education — and attending a financial literacy workshop provided by Travis Credit Union.

Other summer activities include trips to the park, beach or even water treatment facilities to learn about nature and the importance of protecting our environment. Swimming at the community pool helps teach students how to stay safe while playing in the water.

There are endless opportunities during summer, and with the right combination of learning and fun, it’s a recipe for success for years to come.

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