Summer Adventures

When I was a kid, my school didn’t really focus on spelling. They were testing out new strategies to help kids learn, focusing on more creative approaches, rather than memorization. For things like Math and fractions, it was actually a pretty good program, focusing on more visual methods for understanding the problems. But for the basics like spelling, it didn’t work at all.

_MG_1031A few years later they realized that most of us had no idea how to spell, so they moves back to more traditional spelling tests. To no one’s real surprise, most of us were terrible at it, and I was no exception.

So the teachers began coming up with creative rewards to encourage spelling and memorizing our multiplication charts. We’d have special activities for an afternoon at school if all of us passed our spelling quiz, sometimes making a special lunch together or having a game day.

Some of my teachers even turned memorizing spelling words and other facts into games. I still know the Greek alphabet by heart thanks to one teacher’s creative use of silent ball in order to teach it to us. While I’m not sure having the Greek alphabet memorized is the most important of skills, it’s still a fun memory to recall, and a small point of pride that I can still do it with ease.

For Leaven kids, mastering the basics, like spelling and addition, are important daily activities. But it’s also important to reward the hard work and efforts of these dedicated students. And that’s what makes Summer Success an extra special time.

During the summer, we continue to work hard on our reading, writing and math; but we also get to have a lot of fun! Thanks to the support of lots of local companies and friends like you, our Leaven kids get to go on lots of fun summer field trips as a special reward for all of their hard work.

Just recently, some of our Northern California students got a chance to visit the Jelly Belly Factory for a sweet treat; and as a reward for mastering their multiplication tabled, students at our Village center got to spend an afternoon at the movies. These trips are great incentives for hard work, and help create special memory that they’ll take with them far into the future.

We couldn’t do it without you; thank you for your support of The Leaven. Together we are helping kids and communities rise!

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