Small Steps for Big Gains

At The Leaven, one of our main core focus areas is reading. We emphasize this through daily reading times and our Summer Success program which helps kids maintain and improve their reading abilities over the long summer break.

Photo by Darin Reyes

But we work on much more than just reading. Every day our centers are filled with all different kinds of learning, like math, science, and history. One of the toughest challenges for many of our students is spelling.

You probably remember taking spelling tests as a kid. There was always that one word that you just couldn’t get.

Maybe it was words like ‘receive’ or ‘believe’ as you struggled to remember that i comes before e except after c (usually). Or maybe it was words like ‘pneumonia’ that had silent letters.

No matter what words you struggled with then, and maybe even still today, there’s always a wonderful feeling of achievement when you finally master that one word.

Our Leaven kids experience this same struggle, practicing every day as they aim to get perfect scores on their spelling tests. What could be a boring or frustrating experience becomes fun when all of their friends and fellow Leaven students are there to help them. Plus there are lots of free high-fives ready to be given out by our helpful volunteers for each success.

And nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment when they come running into our center’s door and show us their perfect score on their spelling test.

Leaven programs make learning fun, which helps Leaven kids grow into the best students they can be so they not only succeed on their spelling tests, but farther down the road of life. It’s just one small step towards our big goal of helping kids and communities rise.

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