Sharing the Word

Helping kids and communities rise is a big team effort at The Leaven. It’s not a project we can accomplish on our own, but requires the help of all our friends and neighbors.

Photo by Darin Reyes

Photo by Darin Reyes

That’s why it’s always important for us to be reaching out to new friends and new communities every day. These community contacts not only help us fund and run our programs, but also help us identify new communities in need of The Leaven’s programs.

We have lots of ways to reach out to new partners, but in just a few days, you’ll see two more!

If you’re planning on heading down to the Solano Mall this weekend, be sure to look for our brand new sign located near Sees Candy. We’ll be unveiling this new mall fixture tomorrow, May 29th, at noon, and would love to have you join us!

This will not only be a time to dedicate this important tool, but also a celebration, marking the end of another school year of success for Leaven kids!

And in just a few days, you may see our brand new van rolling through the streets of Solano County. This van was donated to The Leaven by Fairfield Ford, and will not only help us transport supplies to our different programs, but also help us transport our students to fun field trips all year long.

We can’t wait to show you our new set of wheels, so be sure to keep an eye out!

We’re so thankful to all of our friends, partners and supporters who make The Leaven’s work possible. Thanks for another great school year of helping kids succeed in school. We hope to see you on the road!

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