Share the Spirit All Year Long

With November officially here and the weather turning cooler, our thoughts have all begun to turn towards Christmas! Our Leaven kids are so excited because they’ve been working hard this school year, and Christmas is a great time for them to have fun, play, and celebrate this success.


Photo by Darin Reyes

It’s also a very special time for Leaven families. You see these families work so hard just to keep food on the table, but come Christmas for many of these families there just isn’t anything extra to space for presents or special treats to celebrate the season. Often these hardworking parents are forced to leave their children home alone as they work extra shifts over the holidays.

But with The Leaven, these children and families get to enjoy more of the spirit of Christmas. Thanks to friends like you, we are able to attend special Christmas celebrations, throw parties and even give gifts so that all of our Leaven kids can have a special Christmas.

But what’s most important is these kids know that after all the fun and excitement, The Leaven will still be there for them, providing them with the support they need, and filling them with hope for the future. Their parents can breathe a bit easier knowing that their children are not only succeeding today, but are gaining the tools they need to continue to succeed far into the future.

In just a few days your 2016 Catalog for the Children will arrive in your mailbox. I’d like to invite you to browse its colorful pages for gift ideas for everyone on your list. These gifts are a great way to share the meaning of the season with all your friends, coworkers and family.

And most importantly, they make a big difference in the lives of local Leaven children all year long. Be sure to be watching your mailbox and our Facebook over the coming days for more news about our catalog and all of the wonderful gifts that you can find inside.

Thank you for helping kids and communities rise.

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