Shaken Up

This weekend, those who call Northern California home woke to feel the earth move under their feet. Now several of our neighbors are picking up the pieces after this most-recent earthquake. Many of us are used to earthquakes by now, but it is times like these we remember how much damage these events can cause in our lives.

Leaven 1-27-14-59When life shakes us up, it’s hard sometimes to get back on our feet. But imagine if life knocked you down early, when you were just a child; how much harder would it be to get yourself up again?

The kids at the Leaven are faced with this struggle every day. Their schools are often overcrowded and their parents are working long hours to pay the bills; with no one to help them complete their homework, it is often left undone — or done incorrectly if they don’t understand the concepts.

And the longer this cycle continues the further and further behind these students fall, until their situation seems to be hopeless. And that’s why The Leaven is so important.

Our tutoring centers have proven an effective solution to this growing problem. We help kids when they first begin to fall behind, and partner with their teachers and parents, helping to fill the need.

Teachers are reporting reading skills are improving across the board for all our students. Behavior and math skills are improved too. And our parents are filled with hope as their kids are bringing home better grades and brighter smiles.

At The Leaven, we are helping kids and communities rise, with your help. Thanks for making The Leaven work!

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