Room to Breathe

After months and months of nothing but unrelenting sunshine, we here in Southern California finally got some rain. In fact it rained for the better part of 3 days, and as much trouble as the falling water caused to traffic and city infrastructure, I was excited for the excuse to slow down just a bit.

538564_10151821287710181_581175522_nThis past weekend was a busy holiday weekend filled with cooking, cleaning, shopping and even going to the movies; and after all that, I was feeling a bit worn out. But then the rain began to fall and I had a perfect excuse to take it easy. Instead of going out and running errands, trying to get lots of things checked off my list, I was able to justify staying home to relax and enjoy the rain.

Sometimes the stress and pressure of life gets to kids as well. There is a lot of pressure from their parents and teachers to perform well in school. Meanwhile, their friends pressure them to do, say and wear the “right” things to fit in. It can be exhausting and overwhelming for a child, and lead to choices that are not the best ones.

This is why The Leaven serves as a safe haven for struggling students. At our programs, we don’t care if what a child is wearing is cool, or if he is playing the right sports and likes the right things; we care about who they are, and who they want to become.

We give kids the tools they need to succeed. By building a strong foundation in reading and math we empower them to achieve their goals. Furthermore, by focusing on progress markers, and not just the end goal, we allow kids to feel good about the improvements they are making each and every day, taking just a little bit of that pressure off their shoulders.

Success in the classroom is an important goal for all of our students, and by giving them a little room to breathe we are helping them believe that success in school is something they can achieve. Thanks for being part of The Leaven — a stress-relief that is helping kids and communities rise!

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