Road to Resurrection

With Easter drawing near, we are excited to share the story of resurrection with our students. At each center we’ll present the story of Easter to our students over the next several days through reading and arts and crafts, but this weekend some of our students in Fairfield will also be attending a very special event to celebrate Easter, thanks to our good friends at Real Life Church.

The Road to Resurrection is an Easter Event for everyone! This family-friendly event helps teach families and children about Jesus and the Easter story in a fun and interactive way.

Using Scripture, families move through an interactive telling of Jesus’ death and resurrection, experiencing the path Jesus took: waving palms as Jesus enters the city, tasting the Passover meal, visiting Barabbas in his jail cell, and experiencing the scene when Jesus hung on the cross.

This event shares the Easter story in a whole new way, and is being held at Real Life Church on Saturday April 8th at 1pm. We’re excited not only to take our students on a field trip where they will meet new people and experience new things, but we are also so grateful for the opportunity to share the story of Easter with our amazing children.

Events like this would not be possible without the support of friends like you, and especially our church partners. Not only do our partner churches support us financially and through prayer, but their congregations also help our centers every day through their volunteer efforts, and by offering special opportunities to our students like the Road to Resurrection.

You can join us at this fun, family-friendly event tomorrow at Real Life Church, 2100 Pennsylvania Ave, Fairfield at 1pm. Thank you for supporting The Leaven and helping kids and communities rise!

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