Preparing for Change

Whenever family or friends come to visit it always throws my house into a frenzied state of preparation. We clean a little deeper than we normally would; we prep the guest room with fresh sheets and towels, and move all of our cat’s “accessories” into our bedroom so she doesn’t bother our guests.

Leaven Kids 9-2012-21

That home improvement job I’ve been putting off? I find myself rushing to finish it up so there aren’t paint cans or tools lying around. I’ll even take our cars in for a tune-up to make sure we have no problems when showing our guests around town.

Once our guests are here, we often find ourselves doing things we wouldn’t normally do. I cook my meals with far less pepper than I’d normally use, and don’t sit around in my pajamas nearly as much. We eat out more and go to tourist attractions we wouldn’t normally go to.

The students at The Leaven are also in the midst of preparations as the school year draws to a close. Each day they prepare just a little bit more, grow a bit more confident in their skills and the knowledge they’ve gained.

They’re stepping up their preparations, studying extra hard to make sure the finish the year off strong. They want to show their parents and teachers how far they have come this year, how much they have improved. They are proud of the accomplishments they’ve made and can’t wait till they have that report card full of good grades to take home.

Thanks to your support and the hard work of our staff and volunteers at each of our Leaven centers, we know there will be a lot of excellent report cards coming home very soon. These are changes not just being made for a few days, but for a life time.  Thanks for helping kids & communities rise!

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