Opening New Doors in Napa!

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the Grand Opening of our Dana Drive center, and already it really was just yesterday since we celebrated our official opening of our Napa Center!

This newest center is our first center in Napa County, and is a real testament to just how much The Leaven has grown from a single center in Fairfield not that many years ago this article. We now serve three California counties in Northern and Southern California.

13668909_10157146169940181_2110641385700465165_oMore centers mean more children served, but it also means stronger communities.

When we first opened our centers in Fairfield, we saw an interesting trend: gangs that had ruled neighborhoods for so long were being pushed out because residents took ownership of their communities and made it clear to the gangs that these streets would no longer be their safe haven.

As the gangs moved their activities, our programs were called to follow, opening new centers and inspiring new communities. By expanding our programs like this we make it hard for gangs to thrive, and we’re helping people band together to make their cities a better place to live, no matter what block you live on.

Solano County is changing for the better because its communities are working together to create change, and The Leaven is proud to be a part of it. Now we are reaching even more communities and counties, helping to inspire more change and more partnerships within the communities we serve. We know we aren’t the whole solution to the problems, but we are honored that our programs can be one of the important partners in inspiring change.

Keep an eye on our Facebook for more pictures and updates from our Napa Center as they join our network of centers and we work together to make communities stronger and safer. We don’t know everything that will happen, but we’re confident this new Leaven center will bring change for the good, because together we are helping kids and communities rise!

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