On Demand

My family and I recently canceled our television service. We were a little concerned about limiting our access to live sports, but felt that overall it was a good decision for us. Instead, we now utilize a few streaming services that provide us instant access to thousands of movies and shows. Now watching my favorite shows is as simple as looking through my queue and clicking “next episode”.

IMG_6157Sometimes I even get a pleasant surprise when one of my favorite shows suddenly has a new season available. This usually prompts a several hour marathon as I binge watch more television than I’m proud of over the course of a weekend. Not only that, but I can watch from anywhere, whether it’s my living room, office, or on the train.

And it’s not just movies and TV; books, music, and shopping are all available to us anytime, day or night.

It certainly is a far cry from when I was a kid, and we would take trips to the video rental store or the library to pick up the latest books and movies.

In our fast paced, instant gratification lives, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that some things still take time. But when it comes to helping struggling communities, the best solutions are often those that may take a bit of time.

It’s easy to think that the way to stop crime right now is to arrest the criminals who perpetrate these crimes. But as our own Board President and Chief of the Fairfield Police Department likes to say, “We’ll never arrest our way out of crime.”

What changes communities is a group effort, from schools, public safety officers, government, churches, residents and businesses. When we all work together we can see big change. That’s why Leaven communities have experience crime reduction of up to 80% over 5 years, because the community is working together to create change.

It may not occur this instant, but by working together, all of us can enjoy big changes in our communities, and that change is worth the wait. And that’s why The Leaven has a long-term commitment to helping kids & communities rise.

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