No Pickles or Pixels, Please

I am not a nitpicky person; at least I don’t think so. The only things I tend to be a stickler about are that there are no bugs in my house and no pickles on my Chik-fil-A sandwich. Other than that, I tend to be laid back and just let things roll off my back without much fuss.

65But I have my moments.

I remember a time in high school when I created a slideshow for my art class using a lot of Photoshopped images; it was a project I was doing for extra credit, and I was literally the only person doing it, so there wasn’t a high bar to success, but it mattered to me. But, after seeing it on the big projection screen, had to go back and spend another several hours going back over each image’s fine edges, pixel by pixel, to make sure it was perfect. I discovered that when projected 15 feet tall, even the smallest imperfection showed.

In the end, the presentation went well and I ended up with an A in the class. It wasn’t a class related to my future plans, and I could have just let the little things slide so easily, but to me, these details mattered.

At our Leaven programs, the details matter, too. Our Site Directors have a lot on their plates, but to them, every detail of our Leaven kids’ lives matter, because you never know what clues you can find to help them succeed at school, or to help keep them safe.

We have seen time and time again a moment when a Site Director will notice something is wrong with a student and pull them aside for a talk. It may be something as small as a student being a bit quieter than usual, but these “smalls” can be signals of a much bigger problem. Sometimes it’s worry over a test, fear of bullies, or even a problem at home.

By focusing on the needs of each of our students, our Site Directors become partners with each of our Leaven students, focusing on individual needs and tailoring a response that will help them best succeed. It’s just one more way we are helping kids and communities rise.

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