New Meaning to Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this weekend, a time when many families around the country will get together to celebrate the women in their lives. It’s a holiday that can be tough for some families, including many of the families that The Leaven serves.

Leaven-46You see, many of these hard working families don’t look like a traditional family. Some Leaven kids only have one parent, or live apart from their parents with other relatives such as aunts or grandparents.

When there isn’t much money, families have to work very hard to just survive, and that sometimes means being apart from one another. Mothers sometimes have to give up the opportunity to kiss their children goodnight in order to give them the best chance at a better life.

But Leaven kids never feel alone, because they know that they have the support of an entire community of moms and dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and friends. That’s because each Leaven kid knows that their Leaven program is there because of a community effort.

And because of this strong community support, their parents are also uplifted because they know that their hard work will not go to waste. Because of this caring community and The Leaven, their children can get the tools they need to succeed in school. Behind every Leaven kid is a whole team of friends and neighbors dedicated to helping them grow up safe and healthy, and able to follow their dreams because they have a great education.

By supporting The Leaven, you are showing each of these families love. Your support helps them not only get by, but thrive.

We wish all of you a wonderful Mother’s Day, because the love you share with The Leaven gives every Leaven Mom a reason to smile.

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