Multiplying Success

With schools throughout California facing tightening budgets and overcrowding, it’s important for teachers to have an ally outside of the classroom to help them make sure every child succeeds. At The Leaven, we work hard to be that trusted partner for all of our students’ teachers.

Photo by Darin Reyes

Over the past few months, the staff of our Village center in Suisun City noticed a troubling trend: our students were struggling with multiplication. For our 3rd – 5th graders, every homework assignment was a challenge, and the classroom time wasn’t enough to help them grasp the concepts.

It was time for us to do what we do best! Our Site Director came up with creative – and fun – ways to help reinforce the lessons being taught in the classroom; and through games, flash cards, time challenges, competitions and a lot of hard work, we started to see a change.

Students learned to memorize their multiplication tables, and having that basic knowledge helped them take their math skills to the next level.

And the students’ teachers noticed the change!

One student came back with A’s on 3 tests in a row, while another student’s teacher sent a note thanking us for our help and asked us to start working on division next!

All of this hard work goes beyond just test scores, because every memorized multiplication table helps build the students’ confidence so they are more willing and eager to try the next challenge, whether it be a difficult spelling word or long division.

We know at The Leaven that teamwork can lead to success, so we love working with teachers to help all of our students succeed. We couldn’t have so much impact without the support of local schools and friends like you. Together we are helping kids and communities rise!

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