Many Hands Make Light Work

Crime is a complicated topic. Too often the media or pundits try and simplify this diverse problem and try to find one cause that, if corrected, would solve crime. It certainly makes a good talking point, but at the end of the day, it just doesn’t work.

IMG_6157Here at The Leaven, we’ve had a lot of experience talking about crime. Whether it looking at local statistics with Police Chiefs and Mayors, or discussing statewide and national issues with our representatives, it’s an issue that we’ve learned a lot about. And the more we learn, the more we know there is no one fix for crime. As our board chair and City of Fairfield Police Chief Joe Allio says, “You can’t arrest your way out of crime.”

But something else we have learned over the years is that one big factor that can contribute to preventing crime is education, starting in elementary school. We’ve seen the proof of this firsthand in our own Leaven communities.  Leaven kids are full of hope because they are succeeding in school, and learning to love learning!

And it is these children that are bringing hope to their communities, and changing it from within; because when their neighbors see children filled with joy and eagerness, they can’t help but want to get behind that and help change their community too.

By working together to support and inspire children, we make communities stronger. And what’s even better is that this journey has only just begun. We cannot wait to see how communities change over the next 5, 10, even 15 years as our Leaven kids grow up and change their lives thanks to a great education that started with a strong foundation of reading.

We’re in this work for the long haul because this is how we’re helping kids and communities rise. And if we continue working hard and you continue to support us, we know we can help to make our communities safer places for everyone.

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