Making New(s)

If you tune in to watch the news or watch it online, you may have seen The Leaven featured. Toni Valliere from NBC’s KCRA 3 came to Vacaville and did a feature on our Alamo Gardens center. The story highlights some of the amazing changes that have taken place at Alamo Gardens, both for the community and the children we serve.

Photo by Darin Reyes

This center has already made a huge difference in the neighborhood, helping to reduce 9-1-1 calls by nearly 50% in just six months, and cutting crime reports in half!

This is a neighborhood that had been plagued by crime for years. Children were struggling in school, and their families are so busy trying to make ends meet they are unable to help them with their homework. As a result, kids were acting out, fighting and arguing rather than playing together.

Situations like this are ripe for encouraging gang activity, and it’s something law enforcement has seen again and again.

That’s why, when a community asks us to serve their neighborhood we meet with police to identify the neighborhoods where crime is at its worse; where children are getting into trouble and getting caught up in gangs, because we know it’s these police officers who know best where crime is at its worst.

At Alamo Gardens, the invitation came from the Vacaville Ministerial Association. And these men and women have worked tirelessly, first to bring The Leaven to Alamo Gardens and now to make sure the program is the very best it can be for our students.

Together we are encouraging residents to stand up for change, to not let gangs rule their streets. We’re also working to foster community bonds, facilitating a sense of trust between police, local government and residents.

And this has led to remarkable results in places like Alamo Gardens. We are looking towards the future this year, with plenty more new centers planned, including a second center in Vacaville that received a lead gift from the California State Prison in Vacaville. I hope you’ll continue to support us with your gifts and prayers as we work hard to help more kids and communities rise in 2017.

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