Living in Balance

Eating a healthy, balance diet, may be one of the most difficult challenges some of us face as adults. It’s not as simple as “don’t eat junk food”; it’s a daily struggle to balance all of your nutritional requirements of vitamins, minerals, fats, sugars, protein and calories. It’s easy to believe you are doing the right things, only to find out you’ve been skipping something important for months.

what_we_doAnd when we want to lose a few pounds, many diets focus on limiting one type of nutrient or another. Have you found that often, these diets leave you hungry or even bored as you eat the same thing day after day? And while these diets might work, it’s usually only a short-term success.

Even exercise can be tricky: knowing what muscles to build up and how much strength training to do versus cardio is a tricky balance most of us don’t fully understand. These seemingly easy concepts are deceptively hard, leading many of us to seek out professional to help us find that perfect balance.

Early childhood development is also a tricky balance. It’s easy to focus just on getting good grades in school, but at The Leaven, we know there are many other important lessons kids need to learn in order to grow up healthy and successful.

We focus on helping kids live balanced lives. We teach them the importance of healthy nutrition and daily exercise, so their bodies stay strong. We help them build a strong character, so they can help make the world they live in a better place. We strengthen their reading and math skills so they can succeed in school far into the future. We help them develop a strong sense of self-worth so they continue to care for themselves long after they leave our program.  And we teach them about God and his incredible love for them.

By helping kids live lives in balance, we are helping them grow into stronger individuals, ready and able to take on the challenges of life. We could not do this without the support of our friends like you! Together we are helping kids and communities rise.

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