Generous friends like you make children’s futures merry and bright!
Donate from our 2021 Wish List today and make this season extra special for Leaven Kids.

Gifts for a Growing Mind

These special gifts can provide students with the resources they need to succeed in school, including books, curriculum and current technology.

Phonics & Literacy Books: $25
STEAM Activity Kits: $75
Robotics & Technology: $350


Gifts for a Healthy Body

Help Leaven Kids stay active through sports and fun activities. You can also help to provide nutritious snacks and food to ensure hunger doesn’t hinder learning and thriving!

Healthy Snacks: $25
Hula Hoops & Jump Ropes: $45
Basketballs & Soccer Balls: $75
Sports Camp for a Child: $150


Gifts that Make Learning Fun

Support children as they enjoy adventure, develop friendships and pursue personal growth during the summer and throughout the school year.

Arts & Crafts Supplies: $15
Toys: $45
Field Trips: $150
Summer Success Program: $300


Gifts that Do It All

Some friends wish to give wherever help is needed most.
Sponsoring a Leaven Kid or a Leaven Center might be the right choice for you to ensure students have all the tools they need to succeed!

Sponsor a Leaven Student: $30/month – just $1/day!
Sponsor a Leaven Center: $1000


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