Heroes all Around Us

What makes a hero? It’s a question that I think can make for some of the most interesting stories and discussions. During the summer, our movie theaters are filled with films featuring heroes of all shapes and sizes. Mutants, aliens, toys, toasters, rock stars, government agents, robots and everything imaginable can become a hero; and it’s the most unlikely of heroes that seem to delight us the most.


Photo by Darin Reyes

One thing we learn every day is how many heroes surround us in our community.

Just last week we held our annual Golf Tournament, where over 100 golfers joined us for a fun-filled day on the links and we raised $35,000 for Leaven programs. That’s enough for a year of Leaven programs for 116 kids!

Our friends in the Police and Fire Departments regularly stop by at our centers and events just to greet the kids and bring a smile to their faces; as do our friends at Travis Air Force Base, who join us for special events throughout the year. Our church partners not only support us through prayer, but also help provide school supplies and volunteers to each of our programs. And Corporate partners, like Ford Lincoln Fairfield, who recently sponsored our Golf Tournament, donated a van to us that will help us take our students on field trips to open new horizons for them.

But above all, we are so impressed how our own students shine, showing their true potential as heroes. We recently participated in a community clean-up event with Neighborhood Empowerment, and got to watch as our students teamed up for their community. And when we asked our students what they want to do when they grow up, we were overwhelmed by how many of them wanted to help others, and give back the kindness they have been given by our Leaven supporters.

We are so grateful for all of our Leaven heroes, and especially for friends like you who support us as we continue to grow and share more of Christ’s love through our award-winning Leaven services. Thank you for being a hero and to all of us, and especially to our Leaven kids. Your example is helping these kids and communities rise!

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