Hard Work Pays Off

I’m always amazed by people who seem to just have some sort of natural talent about them. Singers with voices so beautiful they bring tears to your eyes, athletes whose bodies do things mine would never even hope to accomplish, artists whose hands can create scenes that make your jaw drop.


Photo by Darin Reyes

It’s easy to chalk all of this talent to natural born gifts, and to be fair, there is some natural talent in all of these truly gifted people. But what many people often forget is how hard these savants work to achieve their goals, dedicating thousands of hours towards honing their craft. While we all have things we are better at than others, the fact is that those who seem more gifted than others at something, work incredibly hard to gain their skills.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, when kids have trouble in school, they often times feel like there is something wrong with them. They may even find themselves thinking they are ‘stupid’ because they are so lost when their classmates aren’t struggling at all. The feeling of hopelessness can overwhelm them leaving them to feel there is nothing they can do.

Many kids who come to The Leaven feel like this on their first day. They are sure they can’t succeed. That is why our first goal is to help show every child that they are special. While it might not be easy, with hard work not only can they catch-up, but also thrive in school.

Thanks to your support these kids are getting the guidance they need, so that they can achieve their goals in school. We help them take that first step to success, and seeing the looks of pride in their eyes when they achieve their goals is one of the greatest rewards we could ever hope to receive.

It’s because of you that these kids are changing their lives, and changing the lives of those around them through their hope. By helping kids discover their potential for success, we are changing not just their minds, but their hearts as well.

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