Great Change, New Hope

This weekend, many of our families will be gathering together to celebrate Easter. It’s a special time to celebrate new life, hope, spring and the resurrection of Christ.

322324_10151983070600181_1645384614_oIf you have little ones in your family, you might spend the day at an Easter egg hunt, or you might go out with family for a special brunch. You might indulge in a guilty pleasure and enjoy a Peep or a Cadbury egg. Or you might just spend the day catching up on some household chores or that just released new season of your favorite TV show.

In my family we’d usually hide plastic eggs around the house filled with candy for me to find. Using a game of hotter/colder, we’d soon uncover a small pile of treats to enjoy. We’d then head to church and follow it up with an Italian lunch. We tried to go to public egg hunts, but since we were in Chicago, it was generally not the greatest weather, so we tended to stay home and enjoy each other’s company instead.

However you choose to spend the day, whether in prayerful reflection, or silly games, or both, we hope you and your family have a very happy Easter, and that you will take a moment to reflect on the amazing changes happening right here in our neighborhood thanks to The Leaven.

Every day, at our Leaven programs, we get to see miracles. We are blessed to be able to witness the profound changes that take place in our Leaven kids as they learn to believe in themselves, and begin for the first time to succeed in school.

If you want to experience these changes for yourself, we encourage you to volunteer today! As the summer approaches, there’s no better time to try it out. And be watching your mailbox as our Newsletter will be arriving soon. Inside are stories about the amazing changes our staff and volunteers have witnessed in our Leaven kids.

We hope you have a great Easter, and thanks again for helping kids and communities rise.

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