Giving Thanks

Tomorrow, many of us we will be sitting down with our families and friends for a day of fellowship and thanksgiving. Some of us will gather around the television to watch movies, TV marathons or sports, while others may venture out to the movie theater or brave the crowds and lines to nab some Black Friday deals.

293699_10151914642535181_1505858244_nHowever you chose to celebrate the holiday, we will be giving thanks for you.

This year The Leaven has opened new centers and helped more children learn to read and succeed in school and life. We’ve partnered with additional communities and families to help reduce crime and given the residents reasons to take pride in their communities.

Because of The Leaven, more children and families will celebrate this Thanksgiving with hope.

Thank you to our local police departments and government leaders. Thank you to our friends at Travis Air Force Base. Thank you to all of our local church partners, and to teachers and school administrators. And a huge thank you to our volunteers for their countless hours of work, our sponsors and supporters. Thank you to everyone who touched The Leaven in some way this year! Helping kids and communities rise is a big job, and we could not do it without all of you.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and again, thank you for your support of The Leaven.

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