Frustrations Resolved

Some days I get frustrated. Any number of things can cause a moment of irritation. The project or task I’m working on hits a snag, there’s far more traffic than I had planned for, or some appliance in my house just stops working.

As I think back to my time in school I can remember two different types of frustration. The first was when I didn’t understand something, and the second was when others didn’t. Both of these in-school aggravations always came down to the fact that my teachers had 25 – 30 students, and there was no way to give each of us as much personal attention as we needed.

Kids today face the same difficulties in school. Unfortunately due to budget cuts and other struggles, teachers have a harder job than ever, with larger class sizes and less administrative support. These hard-working teachers are left with classrooms full of frustrated students, who often times act out to vent their aggravation.  And too many schools no longer can offer P.E. classes to help children work off their frustrations in a positive, healthy manner.

Leaven - Gwen-8The Leaven seeks to address both problems; the behavior and the academic. At each of our tutoring centers, our students are given the attention they need, through small group lessons to one-on-one tutoring and mentoring — even physical activity. And we help each student learn how to express their frustration in a way that isn’t destructive, and gets them the help they need.

What a difference it makes! Recently I spoke with Principal Martha Lacy at David Weir Elementary and she told me that students are more focused, calm and better able to learn in the classroom after just a few months of Leaven tutoring. And this change in just a few students has a huge impact on the school, helping to create a healthier learning environment for all students.

We all have times when we are frustrated, aggravated, irritated or perturbed. But thanks to supporters like you, The Leaven is helping kids throughout California feel just a little less angry, and a lot more confident that they will succeed in school. Together we are helping kids and communities rise!


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