From Zoos to the Moon

With the power of imagination, amazing things can happen. We can build space rockets and electric cars, and even go to the Moon and Mars. It’s important to help encourage children to not only read and write, but also to let their imaginations blossom.

At our Groves center, we sometimes ask our students to use their imaginations to write their own stories. Not only do exercises like this help students improve their writing skills, but it also allows these clever kids to express themselves and let their imaginations soar.

For an activity few weeks ago, we gave the students a story prompt and asked them to finish the story. Here’s what two of our students wrote:

IMG_4424“We had a few odd things happen this year,” said Mom. “Like Dad finding those hedgehogs in the wardrobe.”

“That wasn’t the oddest thing.” I replied.

It was much weirder when a spaceship of hedgehogs landed on their house. But when mom went to the kitchen she found a beach. The little boy was going to the bathroom and found 3 fish! The little girl went outside and she found a crakadayo (crocodile). The dad went up stairs and looked in the little boys room and found sharks watching TV. Mom went up the stairs and went to the little girls room and found a dinosaur sleeping! The boy went to the dad’s room and looked out the window and found a dog driving his car!

“We had a few odd things happen this year, ” said Mom. “Like Dad finding those hedgehogs in the wardrobe.”

“That wasn’t the oddest thing.” I replied. It was much odder when…

We found a secret hole… a hole that could take you to any place for free. You just have to say the place you want to go. Me and my family went to Six Flags, Disneyland, Universal Studios, and more. We had so much fun. Then we went to go eat. 

At the end of the day we went back home. We found lots of animals in our house. So we decided to go take them to the zoo. We took lots of different kinds of animals back to the zoo. We also volunteered to take care of animals and stuff like that. Then we got lots of stuff there for helping them.

We went home and we all said it was an amazing day today. Then I said we will have an amazing time tomorrow. They just all laughed.

Our Leaven kids certainly have great imaginations! How would you have responded to this prompt? You can join the game by writing your own story in the comments below, or share this story on Facebook.

Thank you for helping The Leaven foster children’s imaginations. With the proper tools, there are no limits to the places they can go, because together we are helping kids and communities rise!

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