First Day

It’s hard to believe, but summer has nearly come to a close and students are already heading back to the classroom. This new school year bring will bring all new challenges to students as they study new things in new classrooms with new teachers and classmates.

Leaven 1-27-14-44The first day of school is full of questions. “What will my teacher be like? Will my friends be in my class?” For some students there are tough questions too, “Will I be able to keep up? Will people call me stupid because I can’t read? Will they hold me back this year?”

Some students dread the return of school because they know how far behind their peers they were last year, and are terrified that they’ll be even more behind this year. In these times of doubt, these kids may turn to dangerous alternatives in order to feel safe and accepted.

This is why The Leaven was created-to help kids who are lost and failing in school-because if we don’t help them now, in just a few short years they could end up in gangs, prison, or worse. We know education has the power to transform lives and to prevent violence and crime.

In the coming weeks, new students will be joining our programs. They will join a class of Leaven kids who just last year were in the same situation. Here they will find the love and support they need to not only succeed in school, but in life.

A new school year can be scary, but thanks to the support of partners like you, Leaven kids know they won’t be entering the classroom alone. It’s a new school year, and for kids throughout California, this new year brings with it new hope, because at The Leaven, we’re helping kids and communities rise.

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