What is The Leaven?

The Leaven is a network of learning centers that primarily provide after-school tutoring and mentoring to children. Our centers are located in the apartment complexes where our students and their families live, and kids come to The Leaven so they can learn and receive care, away from crime and other negative influences that surround their communities. Our programs have proven that when children are successful in school, and have a positive adult influence in their lives, they are significantly less likely to drop out, commit a crime, or join a gang. By providing year-round homework help, academic enrichment, and mentoring to children, we help eliminate crime and transform neighborhoods. To learn more, click here!

What is The Leaven’s mission?

Our mission is to revitalize communities through early education intervention. We live out this mission through practical educational programs to children that transform and empower entire communities and the families that call them home.

When and where was the first center established?

Our first center opened in Fairfield, California, in 2009. Since then, The Leaven has provided tutoring and mentoring to some of California’s most at-risk and under-served neighborhoods.

How many kids does The Leaven serve?

We serve over 500 children and youth each week at 20 unique locations.

What type of kids do you impact?

The Leaven primarily impacts at-risk, elementary-aged students dealing with poverty and violence in their neighborhoods. Parents choose to enroll their child at The Leaven because they recognize that their child has fallen behind in school and desire for them to improve their academic skills. In addition to providing academic support, The Leaven also provides year-round mentoring, and a safe place for kids to learn, play, and grow.

What age range do you serve?

We serve children grades kindergarten through 5.

When are The Leaven’s programs offered?

Our programs are offered all year, even in the summer. Click here to contact your local center’s Site Director, and find out what times and days of the week programming is offered.

How can I find a center for my child to join?

Find the center closest to you by clicking here!

How much does it cost for my child to join?

There is no cost to join a center, all our programs are 100% free!

What sort of programing do you offer?

Throughout the year we offer after-school homework help and tutoring in reading, mathematics, and science. In addition, we offer programming to promote daily exercise, and provide innovative opportunities for learning and development in the arts, engineering, and technology. In the summer we help students maintain and build on all they learned during the school year. Students also participate in fun, unique, and life-changing learning opportunities such as field trips to Travis Air Force Base, or the museum.

To learn more about our programs, click here!

How does my company become a corporate partner?

The Leaven is thankful for the generosity of our corporate partners and supporting foundations, and we are pleased to offer many opportunities for you to get involved throughout the year. We would love an opportunity to discuss how your organization can join with us financially, in-kind, or by engaging your employees and leadership. To learn more about getting involved or sponsoring one of our premier events, click here!

How do you open a new center?

Opening a new Leaven center starts with a conversation. It’s a big job, but when the community is behind us, this tough job is made a lot easier.

We begin by working with community leaders, church leaders, and residents to secure the community backing we need to open the center. We also work directly with local law enforcement, government, and schools to find the neighborhoods that would benefit most from our center’s presence. We then begin speaking to the community managers who run these housing developments and apartment complexes. Their partnership is vital, not only in helping us secure a location, but also in gaining our first partner within the neighborhood.

Before we open, we commit to receiving enough funding to operate the center for two years. Most of this money is raised locally within the community that will be served, and is often a combination of donations, stipends from the apartment management, and government and local business grants.

If you are interested in bringing The Leaven to your community, please contact Mark Hagan: markh@myleaven.com, and we would be pleased to begin the conversation!

I have a question not listed here, who can I ask?

For questions about our tutoring and mentoring programs, click here to contact your local center’s Site Director.

For questions about donating or becoming a corporate partner, please contact Mark Hagan: markh@myleaven.com.

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