Creating Smiles

What are your favorite hobbies? somehow about ones you’d like to pick up? If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you probably know that I love to cook and read.

DSC05858High on my list of hobbies to learn is knitting. I like to watch TV, but to be honest, I’m kind of bad at focusing on it. I can read books for hours on end without fidgeting, but while watching a movie or TV show, I tend to move around a lot and my attention always wavers.

I actually prefer, to an extent, to watch foreign language TV and movies because it forces me to pay attention.

So why do I want to knit? Well, a part of me thinks it would a good thing to do while watching a movie at home, especially if it’s one I don’t need to focus too hard on.

I also occasionally get homemade gifts from friends; I even commissioned a friend to knit a stuffed animal for my niece. Getting a scarf or hat as a gift is always nice, but when it’s handmade, it just feels a little bit better. I imagine my friend working on it for several hours in order to give it to me, and that makes me smile.

That’s not to say bought gifts aren’t also nice. I remember how much joy it’d give me to buy a present for someone after I worked some extra hours at a part-time job in order to buy it for them. It feels good earning money in order to make someone else smile.

At The Leaven, we’re teaching kids that it’s fun to work hard for the sake of others, and that making your friends smile is a great way to bring a smile to your own face. Through sharing and caring for each other, they learn how to treat each other with kindness, and through fun art projects, we teach our Leaven kids how they can use their own talents and efforts to make something special for a loved one.

And when they work hard to succeed in school, they aren’t just helping themselves, but helping to inspire their classmates, and bringing a smile to their parents’ faces. Learning new things is about more than good grades; it’s about showing someone you care.


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