Community Strong for 5 Years (and counting!)

Several  years ago, thanks to the support of our local community, The Leaven opened our doors for the first time in Fairfield. Today, after opening 10 centers, we’re once again celebrating a grand opening in the community where it all began, while still looking for even more new homes to spread the hope The Leaven brings to communities in need.

This past week, we celebrated 5 years as a standalone organization that is helping kids and communities rise, and we celebrated this exciting milestone the same way we’ve done everything here at The Leaven — as a community.

Ryan with kids at ball game (2)You may not know that we don’t decide where we open our doors; instead, it’s community partners like you that reach out to us and ask us to come to their community. It’s these active community members that help us get to know their neighborhoods and introduce us to our neighbors. Mayors, pastors, teachers and businesses come to us and tell us they want to do more for the children of their communities, and help us every step of the way.

It’s this community approach that makes The Leaven different. It’s people like you that open our doors, and keep them open for years to come. We rely on our hardworking volunteers to help us make an impact in their communities. Our program is truly about neighbors helping neighbors.

And it works. The Leaven doesn’t just help kids succeed, it helps families rise up. Because we have the support of the community, we can reach beyond the pages of the school books and into the homes of these struggling children and families. In Leaven neighborhoods, crime is falling and academic performance is on the rise. Gangs are moving out, and hope is moving in.

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook as we open our doors in new locations throughout California in the coming months. Your support is more valuable than ever as we continue to grow. Thank you for making 5 years of success possible and here’s to 5 more years of sharing Christ’s love and helping kids and communities rise!

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