Coming Together

You’ve possibly never heard of it, but this week in Europe a singing competition is taking place that is one of the highlights of my year. It’s called Eurovision, and it involves countries all over Europe sending a representative singer (or group) to a once-a year-song competition to name the best musical talent.

_MG_0879The contest is filled with many talented artists, but it’s also full of some of the weirdest performances you may ever see in a singing competition. From just plain bad singers to strange and wild acts that are truly bizarre, dozens of musicians line up to vie for the attention and admiration of Europe.

While you may not have heard of the competition, you’ve probably heard of at least some of the winning artists, including ABBA and Céline Dion, who both rose to fame after claiming the title.

I really enjoy events like this that bring huge numbers of diverse people together.  This summer we’ll celebrate the Olympics together, and if history is any indication, by the time the opening ceremony closes, any controversies will be temporarily set aside to focus on the events.

I love seeing the world all focus on one moment together, because for me it reminds me that differences can be set aside, at least for a moment, to achieve something great.

Leaven kids come from a variety of backgrounds, and no two Leaven families look exactly alike. They all have unique struggles and challenges that lead to these children benefitting from the guidance of our Leaven centers. Likewise, our supporters all have different stories and different reasons for supporting The Leaven.

But we all come together to help kids and communities rise, and when we do, amazing things happen. Leaven kids improve their reading and math and become better members of their classrooms. Our programs are also shown to reduce crime and make communities safer.

And these changes are not because of what we do, but because of all the people who come together at The Leaven and commit to working together to make neighborhoods better places for our children. Thanks for helping The Leaven impact lives!

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