Christmas Joy Delivered

If you’re like me then you will be attending a few Christmas parties this year. They are a fun way to get together with our friends and loved ones. Delicious treats, fun gifts, music, and festive cheer make these holiday get-togethers can help to bring a lot of joy to the holiday season.

dsc000051We’re having our own Christmas parties throughout California. Thanks to our hard working staff and volunteers, our Leaven kids are getting to enjoy this Christmas tradition, and experiencing the joy and fun that can only come at Christmas.

Friends from local churches, neighbors, and service men and women from Travis Air force Base have been bringing by snacks, treats, gifts and decorations to bring these parties to life. Our Leaven kids are pitching in by creating their own holiday decorations. Thanks to all this hard work, our centers look festive, and our students have huge smiles on their faces.

But this wouldn’t be possible without friends like you, because for many of these children, they may not have any decorations or presents at home. They’re parents are hard at work, and money is tight; so tight there just isn’t any to spare for a tree or a new toy.

Our Leaven Christmas party may be the only festive party they attend. The gifts they receive might be the only ones they get all year long.

dsc000261But it’s not just the things physical they receive; it’s the support and love that surrounds them. Christmas can be a lonely time when mom and dad are busy working long hours to pay the bills. These kids are long since used to being alone, but when the TV is full of holiday specials about family, it can be hard for these kids, knowing that their family can’t do those things.

At our parties, Leaven kids are surrounded by friends, volunteers, and neighbors who all care about them, and have come to celebrate with them. It helps them remember they are not alone, and that they are loved. It’s also a great reward and reminder to keep up the good work in school.

These Holiday parties are only possible because of friends like you. Be watching our Facebook for stories and photos from parties, parades and other celebrations at our centers, and if you’d like to help our Leaven kids celebrate the season, just contact us at for details on how you can join the celebration and help kids and communities rise!

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