Christmas Cheer

Christmas Day is fast approaching, and the end-of-year frenzy to get everything done in time for the big day has begun. Messages are being sent to friends and family, trying to sort out who is bringing what treats on Christmas Day. Last-minute cleaning and decorating is being frantically done, and even some last minute gift buying may have yet to begun.

10848913_10154897591480181_2968390090721375383_oChildren’s hearts are full of cheer, “in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there.” They’re dreaming and scheming, trying to catch a peak, of all the toys and games they hope will be waiting under the tree. Christmas is a time of excitement, wonder and joy.

However, for some of The Leaven kids, Christmas may hardly come at all. You see, for many of our Leaven families, Christmas is not much different from any other day. Mom and Dad are hard at work, trying to make enough to keep food on the table, and there just isn’t enough left over for even the simplest of gifts.

But thanks to friends like you, Christmas is coming for many of Leaven kids. They’ll receive toys, books, games and even warm jackets. These presents may even be the first Christmas gifts they’ve ever received. And their families will get to see their eyes light up with joy, and parents will be filled with gratitude.  For many, this is an answer to prayer — a real Christmas miracle.

Because of your support of The Leaven, not only do these children have presents to open this Christmas, but their whole family also has hope — hope that one day their son or daughter will go to college, have a career, and enjoy a better life because of their accomplishments. Together, we are sharing Christ’s love by helping kids and communities rise, and thanks to you, some very special Leaven kids will wake up on Christmas day with a smile.

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