Changing of the Guard

As you know, The Leaven isn’t just a tutoring center; it’s a life changing after-school program that focuses on the whole person, nurturing a child’s mind, body and soul.

UntitledThe Fairfield Police Department has been our partners in this goal since we first opened our doors. When  Chief Tibbet joined the department in 2010, he also helped us ensure The Leaven continued to best serve the needs of the community. By partnering together with other community organizations, Fairfield is a better place to live than it was when our program first began.

Today, Chief Tibbet is stepping down from the Fairfield Police Department. We wish him all of the best as he moves on to the next chapter of his life. The Leaven would not be what it is today without the support and guidance of Chief Tibbet, and we are so grateful for his support over the years.

But we are also so proud that one of our own, our Board Chair Joe Allio, will be stepping into Chief Tibbet’s shoes as he is sworn in today as the new Fairfield Chief of Police. Under his leadership, we know the legacy of community partnership Chief Tibbet emulated will continue for many years to come.

When we work together as a community, truly amazing things can happen. Thanks to the dedication of the Fairfield Police Department, Fairfield is a better place for children to grow up. But they can’t do it alone and that’s why The Leaven is so proud to call Fairfield home. The community in Fairfield saw a problem and worked together to find a solution. Now The Leaven is sharing that community commitment with other towns so that more kids can have a brighter future.

Thank you again, Chief Tibbet. Your service to our community has truly changed our community for the better. And congratulations, Joe! We know our city will be in good hands with you leading the Police Department. Thank you both for your extraordinary commitment to helping kids and communities rise.

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