Celebrating you this Mother’s Day

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “mother” is one of those hardworking words in English that can be a noun, an adjective or a verb.  (Does just hearing those parts of speech take you back to a classroom where you had to [gasp!] diagram sentences?  For some generations, that was as much a part of elementary school as beginning each day by reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance.”)Regardless of your gender, age or any other factors, we celebrate you this weekend at The Leaven.  Why?  Because being a “mother” isn’t just about giving birth to a child.

As a verb, to mother someone means to care or protect someone.  And that is something you, as a donor, volunteer or supporter of The Leaven, do for our students.

After all, as someone who cares about the boys and girls who come to The Leaven for help — and hope — our volunteers and supporters often are filling in for parents who are working long hours and can’t be home to help their children with homework.  Parents who themselves are learning English and may not have the skills yet to guide their child through math and reading comprehension.  Overworked grandmothers, aunts or foster care families who are unable to stretch their time any further.

So we’re celebrating you — someone who genuinely cares about some of the neediest boys and girls in our communities . . . someone who protects them by making sure there is a safe place to go after school where character is both taught and lived out, and where learning is celebrated.

My mom has been celebrating Mother’s Day in heaven for many years now, but her care and support live on in my life and in my daughter’s life.  Mom made a lasting impact — just as The Leaven does because of you and your prayers, support, volunteer time, attendance at events, and the many other ways our supporters show they believe in The Leaven and in the students who come to our programs.  Together, we are truly helping kids & communities rise as we care for and protect our vulnerable young neighbors.

Happy Mother’s Day — to you!

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