Cap and Gown

_MG_0852As the school year draws to a close, a whole new class of Leaven kids is preparing to graduate from our programs throughout California. Some of these students have been with us from the very beginning of their elementary school careers, while others enrolled after a year or two. But they have one thing in common: they are all Leaven kids.

Leaven kids come to our programs from a variety of backgrounds, and they each have their own unique struggles. Many of them have language issues or behavior problems, as well as struggles with their studies.

But being a Leaven kid means more than where you came from; it’s about where you are going. By working with our caring volunteers and staff, Leaven kids and their families are given the tools they’ll need to succeed in Middle School and beyond – and to build a better future.

Our programs focus first on reading. By making sure our students master this vital foundational skill, we empower them for the future. We also teach them strategies for studying, and teach them how to best handle the multiple tasks in their different subjects. These are skills they can take with them for life.

We don’t know what the future holds for all of our Leaven kids, but by giving them the tools they need to succeed, we know they can face any challenge down the road.

So as you see students in caps and gowns over the next few weeks, take time to remember all of the Leaven graduates, past, present and future. One of today’s graduates just might have been a Leaven kid.

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