Building Blocks to Success

For more than five years, The Leaven has been working at our programs throughout California to help hundreds of children improve their reading and academic performance. Our model is shown to help students succeed in the classrooms and help reduce crime in our neighborhoods. But why do The Leaven programs work?

538564_10151821287710181_581175522_nReading: One in four children in America will grow up without ever learning to read, and we know that children who can’t read are more likely to end up in low-paying jobs or incarcerated by the time they grow into adulthood. Reading is a key component towards ending the cycle of poverty. Reading is at the very heart of all our programs because helping kids master reading opens the door to a brighter future.

Balanced Approach: We don’t just focus on reading; we know a successful person is often a more balanced person. That’s why we also help our students with all of their school lessons like math and science; and we also teach them important life lessons like healthy eating, good citizenship and the importance of exercise. Every lesson is taught with love, respect and fun so that kids look forward to coming to our programs every day.

Volunteers: Each day, our volunteers share their time, energy and love with our students. Without them, we could not reach as many students as we do. Each of our volunteers brings his or her own experiences to our programs, helping give students strong role models and mentors to guide them through life. People from all walks of life serve as volunteers: teachers, military personnel, students, business leaders and many more; we are so thankful to all of them.

Public Servants: Some of the hardest working people we know are the teachers, administrators, and the police, fire and government officials who serve our communities. These outstanding folks work hard each day to help every child receive the best education possible and give them a safe neighborhood in which to live. They have been so welcoming to us, working with us to improve our programs so we can best serve the students who need us most.

Support: You and all of our partners throughout the state and country not only support us through generous donations, but also through your encouragement and prayers. Our programs have been truly blessed by God’s hand as we continue to do his work year after year — and without you, we couldn’t do nearly as much to help kids & communities rise!

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