Brighten Your Day

I have to admit, April Fool’s Day is not one of my favorite holidays. I pretty much just refer to it as “the day I trust no one.” However, I can’t help but appreciate the pranks some individuals and companies will pull; as long as the prank doesn’t hurt anyone, I generally find it rather amusing.

DSC05883I think what I do like about this day of silliness is seeing so many people smile. If you keep an eye out around the internet, you’ll see articles sharing some of the best pranks around, and they are always good for a laugh. I enjoy checking out some of my favorite websites to see if they’ve done anything special. It’s even better when you forget the date and get totally fooled by something unexpected and silly.

It’s a pretty common saying that laughter is the best medicine – and it’s something we see work wonders at our Leaven centers. Very often, when kids enter our program, they find it hard to smile. They have tough lives and they are often sad or even angry. This has caused them to act out, and behavior problems are common among our students.

But as they grow in confidence and learn the basic skills they need for a strong educational foundation, a change begins to occur. They begin to open up to others, and the smiles of their classmates and teacher begin to break through. Slowly, those frowns turn upside down, and our centers become filled with laughter.

If you ever visit our centers, it’s something you’ll notice right away. Although our students are working hard and doing their homework, they’re also smiling and laughing. They are having fun and are filled with joy.

Our programs succeed because of subtle differences like this: when students are happy, confident and having fun, they are more eager to learn, becoming better students and people.

So enjoy this day of silliness and foolish pranks, and share a smile with those around you, because as we’ve seen firsthand, a smile can change a life. It’s just one more way we’re helping kids and communities rise.

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