Beyond 50

After the holidays and the start of the new year pass us by, the next big event many Americans look forward to each year is the Super Bowl. Taking place on February 7 in San Francisco, this year’s Super Bowl is shaping up to be the biggest yet.

IMG_5815Whether you will be tuning in for the football, commercials or half-time show, or even not at all, the Super Bowl is a media event and celebration with an affect felt throughout the country – and even much of the world. The following day the news will be filled with interviews of the winners and losers, recaps will tell us about the musical performances and any mishaps, and office chatter will be dominated by retellings of the big plays and the best commercials.

While we don’t know yet which teams will be competing, we do know that Super Bowl 50 will have special meaning to those who call Northern California home.

Thanks to the 50 Fund, charities and community organizations throughout the region have received grants to help their programs that help improve the communities surrounding the Super Bowl site this year, and the families that call them home. And The Leaven is proud to be one of those chosen organizations that have been honored by the 50 Fund.

Thanks to The 50 Fund and all of our supporters, The Leaven is starting 2016 off strong. We will soon be opening our first center in Napa County and a new center in Vacaville. These two new centers will work alongside our nine other centers in Northern California to help change the lives of children throughout our region. By helping children succeed in school, we’re making a big difference for the future of California.

So while you enjoy the big game this year, be reminded that the real results of this fun-filled day will last far beyond February 7, 2016. Thanks to the 50 Fund, community organizations including The Leaven will be helping kids and communities rise for years to come.

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