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If you’ve been reading our blog these past few weeks you know all about the Chick-fil-A True Inspiration Award. This contest is awarding up $75,000 in grant money to one organization in the Western Region to use to help continue their work; and The Leaven is one of the four finalists.

293699_10151914642535181_1505858244_nIf you haven’t already voted, know that we need your vote today! Voting will soon close so this is your last chance to help us secure this important grant.

How far will $75,000 go? It’s enough money to open and operate a Leaven center for more than two years. You may not know this, but we never open a new center until we have secured enough funds to run it for at least two years. We know stability is important for the children we serve, so this requirement is all about making sure they will have a place to come to and get the help they need for many years.

Each center provides more than just tutoring, they are centers of hope. By working within the community we get to know our student’s family, neighbors and friends. We work with their teachers and collaborate with the local community to surround these children with support, in a safe and healthy environment.

We treat the whole child, body, mind and soul; because we know that is what it takes to inspire these kids to succeed. We’ve seen the results year after year, as Leaven kids continue to improve their grades and their behavior, both in school and at home.

This is why we need your help. By winning the Chick-fil-A True Inspiriation Award we will be able to help an entirely new community of children and families, helping to secure long term change for their neighborhood.

Please vote today by going to and downloading the app. Once you’ve registered the app, simply scroll down and to the True Inspiration Award. Vote in the Western Region for The Leaven.

Don’t delay, vote today; together we are helping kids and communities rise!

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