Battling Back

This past weekend I attended a Minor League Baseball game with my family. I’ll admit I wasn’t watching the first couple of innings because the World Cup was playing on a tiny TV near my seat. I stood glued to the screen for more than an hour, watching our women’s team win the cup for the first time since 1999, but it was worth it.

Photo by Darin Reyes

Photo by Darin Reyes

But the action on the baseball field, while maybe less prestigious, was no less riveting. In the first inning the opposing team scored 5 runs, including a grand slam.

“Well it’s over!” exclaimed my nephew.

“No it’s not, it’s only the first inning,” we all reminded him.

Turns out we were right. After steadily holding the other team scoreless for the next 8 innings, and slowly bringing in runs over the course of several innings, in the bottom of the ninth the game was tied at 5-5 and our team was up to bat.

And with one runner on base, our team hit a home run clear out of the park. It was an exciting finish, getting everyone in the crowd up on their feet.

I think it was a good lesson, and an interesting juxtaposition of the two games. I hope my young nieces and nephews saw the results and were reminded to never give up in anything they do. The odds were clearly stacked against these teams, but sometimes if you work hard and do things just right, you can come back and win against the odds.

In life, sometimes we take an early lead, or fall behind quickly. Sometimes we convince ourselves that we can never catch up after falling behind. But when we work hard, there is always a chance we can come back to win our “game”.

Thanks to The Leaven, kids all over California are being reminded that they can not only catch-up, but get ahead, thanks to our tutoring programs and Summer Success. Leaven programs are proven to help students improve their reading abilities and improve their overall academic performance. These skills stay with them throughout life, empowering them to succeed far into the future.

Thanks for helping Leaven kids make big comebacks every day. Together we are helping kids and communities rise.

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